A Normal day in the life of developers

Posted on Dec 03, 2021

“But, it was working on my machine.” 

This is the most common conversation we hear from developers. Sometimes it is not the bug but the version of the machine or any dependency which actually creates issue.

Companies usually follow agile methodologies, where people at different locations using different versions of machines are bound to face this problem. 

Introducing Continuous Integration with #BuildPan

Continuous Integration is a routine that implies constantly adding code into a central repository accessible to all the developers working on the project. Continuous Integration helps users to serve apps to users seamlessly. This can be achieved through Continuous Integration by dividing the whole project into small chunks and applying automation to every stage of app development.

If you want your development process to facilitate fast integration of new code while keeping a working main branch at all times, deploy continuous integration to your code.


Continuous integration is a tool for development teams to create a consistent and automated way to build and package applications. By implementing small changes in code or adding new code, teams check for errors, monitor version control in real-time and automate functionality.

#BuildPan is an AI SaaS based solution that assists to Continuously Integrate changes, test everything and deploy your application on playstore and appstore in “just one click!

For more info: www.buildpan.com


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