App Ecosystem and CI/CD platform usage

Posted on Dec 03, 2021

Last year Google & Apple announced that they have over 1 million apps on their play store and app store respectively.

With more than 2 million apps being available in public app stores, competition for user engagement has become fierce. Users have so many options to choose from.

To make an app successful, mobile apps have to provide a seamless experience with updated features. Also, updated features and functionalities are not only about UI/UX rather it is part of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process. 

The mobile workflow has been improving a lot with the help of Continuous Integration & Deployment process.

App developers love CI/CD processes as it is very easy to integrate with, get instant feedback on how their latest app version/regression works and what sort of issues might need attention. 

Not only developers but also the QA department is a huge fan of mobile CI/CD processes as they are the one who take care of tests, test scripts, frameworks, and basically, all things happening between the build and delivering test results back to engineering.

#BuildPan is a CI/CD tool that assists users to Continuously Integrate changes, test everything and deploy your application on play-store and AppStore in “just one click!”

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