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Posted on Nov 30, 2020
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According to the researchers , there are approximately 5.8 million Android developers and 2.8 million IOS developers in the world and the number is expected to get 3 to 4 times by 2022. The demand of mobile applications in the market is seen as a diversion of individuals from web/laptops to mobile phones and apps. The reason is very simple, easily accessible, on the go approach , solution to multiple problems in your hand.

The total number of mobile apps on the planet has now reached a massive 8.93 million, according to a new report from researchers. Interestingly, neither Google Play, the most important app store for Android, nor Apple’s App Store had the most new apps last year.The Chinese mobile market now accounts for 40% of app spending, according to Researchers.

And that means China’s app stores are growing fast, hosting more apps, and capturing a larger share of new app creation. It also means that the top three app stores on the planet by new apps last year are probably ones you’ve never heard of: Apkgk, Apkpure Co, and Androidappsapk.

They took in a combined 3.4 million new apps in 2019 as our global “supply” of mobile apps rose from 7.6 million to 8.9 million, an 18% jump.

Now the basic and clear question is about — “How is China able to publish the maximum number of apps?

Here comes a very crucial role of process automation! 

Mobile App Development process automation- Buildpan

As the competition and demand is increasing , building apps faster by automating the iterative processes is the most important thing as the developer needs to focus on the productive side rather than just getting involved and wasting 60% of time in fixed processes.

Here comes the role of BuildPan where developers can Build their apps without getting buzzed into the process and can optimize time and energy by focusing on the productive tasks.

Considering the process and analysing the pain points of developers BuildPan has been able to solve the developers problems::

  • Manual Installation of Builds-It takes on an average 15 minutes of time consumption for manually installing the build to device , here Buildpan automated build installation without any manual interference saving right away huge amount of time for developers .
  • Deployment of apps on iTunes & Google play store- Preparing .ipa and .apk is again a time consuming process and that too with quality code push is one of a tedious job , here buildpan auto-deploys the .ipa and .apk to the respective play stores making it time saving and productive for developer.
  • Sending Build to QA and Bug Report- Manually installing build for QA team is time consuming and analysing the manual report received in excel formats creates difficulty in understanding to the developer , Buildpan provides complete log information of code and pin points the line of code of failure making QA process quick and efficient.
  • Finding UDID- Each time a developer needs to get the universal device identity of iphone devices manually to share the build , Buildpan automates this through a simple process of mail acceptation method on devices.
  • Productivity- Buildpan increases 60% of developers productivity by automation , making developers multitask and think on the productive side rather than just getting hitched in process hiccups.
  • Cost Saving- Buildpan offers 100 mins of build time for just $5 which is way far lesser than the spendings done by mobile application development companies and agencies on hiring resources.
  • Cloud Based Platform- The pipeline is cloud based and Artificial Intelligence enabled which supports developers and teams in remote working .
  • Transparency & Customisation- The entire buildpan process is transparent to all the team members working on the project and can be customised according to requirement.

The pool of mobile application developers is increasing globally with the demand , the key lies in adapting to the faster means of building and shipping mobile apps in the market , adaptability to the new DevOps tool Buildpan speeds up the entire app development process with efficient results.

The first to adapt , the fast to conquer!


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