CI/CD for Android

Posted on Dec 07, 2020
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Buildpan provides with seamless , single tool solution for all you mobile app development needs for android , make the entire process transparent and fast saving 20x of the time and increasing the speed of the process by 6x.

Buildpan will provide you with detailed feedback on all the test runs and builds, and will notify the team about detected issues. Get instant information about your project and keep all the stakeholders in the loop.

Buildpan will automatically publish your Android app either with every build or as suits your needs, so you can release to testers, Google Play or other services without delay.

Process ::
1.Create an account on the platform and add your source code repository , having integrations with GitHub , BitBucket.

2.After adding up the desired project (android app) , Invite team members by adding up mail Id for automated updates on success & failure of builds.

3.Third step is “Code Signing” where the Keystore file has to be uploaded by developers.

4.Clicking on the Build section the latest commits maid to source code on the desired branches can be built , creating a .apk file for android.

5.After completion of build creation , a mail with downloadable link will be transmitted to all the invited members (QA, testers , Clients etc) .

BuildPan has an integration option with slack , where the slack channel can be created for regular updates on build creation.

Build & Share your android app with the easy 4 clicks on the platform , making the process of building and sharing fast & easy.

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