BuildPan allows teams to rapidly build and deploy quality apps. Our mission is to empower teams everywhere to build and deploy tested apps in a production environment. BuildPan uses GitID to pull the repository and create auto-build along with the deployment. Our goal is to build mission-critical solutions that lead to enhancement and efficiencies.

Cross-Platform projects in React Native or Ionic, can benefit from our best-in-class error tracking tool for both Android and iOS mobile applications.

Our Story

No successful business comes without quality app development. Building quality software and shipping it quickly have become the core engine of value creation in companies across all industries. BuildPan allows teams to quickly bundle the build and release it whenever it is ready to go live.
Compared to other players in the market, Buildpan is fast and affordable. It shortens the deployment cycle and detects the critical bugs.

Quick Setup in less than five minutes

Login with any Git account, fetch your latest repos and start creating your applications.

Install our SDK (we work with iOS, Android, React Native, Swift and various others) and check the latest crash analysis.

Is your data secure? BuildPan provides high-quality security features on all accounts, regardless of your plan.

We provides:
  • Two-Factor Auth
  • Single Sign-On support
  • Organization Audit Log
  • Privacy
  • SSL encryption

When your code breaks:

BuildPan is here to help

Code written by the best developers contain bugs, and many of these bugs get shipped to production. This is unavoidable.

BuildPan is here to assist. You can identify and fix bugs before your code goes into production.

Work with us

We work with teams of all sizes to set up Buildpan to fit their specific needs. Let us know what you’re building and we’ll see how we can help.