How BuildPan is the most affordable CI CD tool?

Posted on Apr 18, 2022
  • No hardware required

BuildPan is a full-featured mobile CI / CD in the cloud, for any platform. This means that, in addition to builds running on Linux machines, MacOS builds are also fully included in all plans, including those for free users, and open source projects. No expensive hardware required.

  • Manual Installation of Builds-

 It takes on an average 15 minutes of time consumption for manually installing the build to device , here Buildpan automated build installation without any manual interference saving right away huge amount of time for developers .

  • Deployment of apps on iTunes & Google play store-  

Preparing .ipa and .apk is again a time consuming process and that too with quality code push is one of a tedious job , here buildpan auto-deploys the .ipa and .apk to the respective play stores making it time saving and productive for developers.


  • Sending Build to QA and Bug Report- 

 Manually installing builds for the QA team is time consuming and analyzing the manual report received in excel formats creates difficulty in understanding the developer , Buildpan provides complete log information of code and pin points the line of code of failure making QA process quick and efficient.

  • Finding UDID- 

Each time a developer needs to get the universal device identity of iphone devices manually to share the build , Buildpan automates this through a simple process of mail acceptance method on devices. 

Also, and can increase deployments 10x and save your time and money both they have the lowest pricing plans starting at $5.

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