How to develop mobile applications in the shortest time using BuildPan CI/CD?

Posted on Apr 18, 2022

Spend more time on the code that matters—and less on the tasks that slow your developers down. With the help of BuildPan ( CI-CD Tool)  create flawless IOS and Android apps in a quicker and smarter way.

Structured, error-free, cost-effective – these are essential qualities in successful software development. Automation helps to move the process to another level. Continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment are three DevOps strategies that are part of the automated development process. The goal is to build, test, deploy, and release software updates in the fastest way with as few bugs as possible and reduce the cost of bugs by adopting the “fail fast, fail early” approach: the sooner the bug will be found, the cheaper it is to fix it.

With the help of Continuous integration and continuous deployment, BuildPan automates the manual process which helps to develop a bug-free mobile application.

A developer pushes the code into a code repository after it could be GitHub or bitbucket whatever you want. 

As soon as the code is pushed there will be testing or a build server that checks the code. 

The code is checked as we want to make sure that the code can be build and is tested correctly.

Developers will get feedback about the tests and checks that have passed and failed and so therefore we can improve our code and we can find bugs early and fix them early as well.

This way developers can deliver code faster as it is tested continuously and then deploy often. 

Continuous Deployment also ensures

  • The software can be released reliably whenever needed
  • Deployment happens often and quick
  • Shift away from doing ‘one release every 3 months’ to ‘5 releases a day’.
  • Fully automated deployment

The result of having Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is that you have happier developers as they don’t have to run the tests of their builds themselves, once the code is sent to a code repository, the build server will do the heavy job for them of testing the code, building it and maybe even notifying the developer of how it went and deploying it. 


Automation = Success

When you choose to automate the process, you make it easy to control the state of the software. Even before you deploy any new changes, you can check if they may have some errors – that means you are able to deploy the current version of the software to production. Testing becomes easy-peasy. What is essential, it is safe, and safety is everything in the process of development. It means you can eliminate risks before breaking your software, detect the issues at an early stage, and all the fixes can be done quickly. Thanks to that the team is also less concerned about looking for potential errors. At the same time, it has more focus on the development of the software. The automation allows you to have a fast feedback loop, avoid ‘integration hell’ and increase both transparency and visibility. As a result, you improve quality and testability, which translates to higher satisfaction and confidence of both clients and the team.

BuildPan provides the team of developers with a platform to share the code, build the changes automatically, test the application, notify about the results, and automatically deploy on production or rollback when tests failed.

BuildPan can increase deployments 10x and save you time and money both they have the lowest pricing plans starting at $5.

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