iOS CI/CD Features

Posted on Dec 04, 2020
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The sole purpose of BuildPan CI/CD is to make the process of app development easy and robust helping developers to publish best apps.

Easy project setup

Getting started with building native iOS apps is very easy just add your GitHub/Bitbucket account to the buildpan CI/CD platform in a single click.

Customizable workflows for iOS

Have full control over your iOS CI/CD pipeline with workflows that fit the needs of your development team. Set up different workflows for development, testing and releasing the app while building it through buildpan CI/CD.

Seamless iOS connect iTunes

Manage code signing in 3 clicks invite team members , upload P12 certificate & provisioning profile and you are all set to go . Buildpan CLI tools for easier code signing are open source and can be also used locall

iOS unit and UI test

Testing iOS apps on Buildpan CI/CD is as easy as running the test commands in the scripts section of the buildpan.yaml file. Creating frictionless bugfree apps.

MacOS hardware with latest tools

Buildpan’s powerful Mac mini and Mac Pro build machines are always equipped with the latest tools you need to build beautiful apps for iOS. All build machines have multiple Xcode versions and runtimes preinstalled to suit your needs


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