Why Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps is Popular?

Posted on Nov 24, 2021

For most of the mobile developers Continuous Integration became an essential part in app development but there are still some organizations who have not adopted Continuous Integration following traditional methods and are slow.

However, the mobile Continuous Integration is popular among development companies  and mostly these organisations have produced the top mobile apps using CI systems. The growing usage of Continuous Integration (CI) systems have provided a great boost for both agile and devops minded organizations.

The best part about using Continuous Integration (CI) systems is they speed up the process of app development by automating the development-testing-deployment flow. This has a direct impact as improved app store ratings, customer satisfaction which helps in generating great revenue and faster response to any app related issue. Last one being the most important part of mobile continuous integration which helps in quickly turning around new builds for testing and deployment for users.


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